Wood flooring can last for centuries Its a long time investment so you don't want to mess it up. Once installed proper way hardwood flooring flooring would never have gapes, squeaks or cuped board One of the main aspect of correct installation is a proper moisture indicator, which we always focus on We are always checking moisture levels with high sensitive meters. If device showing are hight than required, we will provide dehumidifier and moisture barrier Considering your type of subfloor and wood flooring you planning to install we would grant you right type of underlayment, glue and fasteners

Despite the fact that hardwood flooring can be refinished several times this amount is still limited For this reason we are really concerned to give the bast quality possible Along with quality we are admiting importance of floor appearance. That's why we are providing practically unlimited number of color, shades and sheens from “invisible” bare natural look to true black stain


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