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Experience the elegance and quality of our flooring firsthand in the inviting atmosphere of the Weles Wood Floor Services showroom.

Showroom Showcase

We encourage you to visit our showroom. Below you can explore photos of our showroom and also tour it in 3D!

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Weles showroom interior with large windows allowing natural light to illuminate the herringbone patterned wooden floor, sleek black leather chairs, a front desk with wooden slats and branding, shelving with decorative items, and a mounted TV screen.
Get personalized hardwood advice from our knowledgeable team.
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See our wide range of hardwood floors, explore various styles and finishes. Picture them in your own space.

Weles showroom interior featuring a reception desk and modern furnishings.
Weles team smiling in front of their service vans and showroom.

Weles showroom is designed to inspire. Our team is here to help you choose what's right for you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us!

That's not all!
Explore us in 3D

Without leaving our website, you can explore our showroom, choose what interests you and afterward contact us!

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Explore Weles Showroom in 3D

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