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Dustless floor sanding is a process that is done by using a sander machine to remove the layer of top coat from the floor. It is also called "no-wipe" or "dry sanding". This process removes the dust particles and leaves behind a smooth surface. It is an eco-friendly way of renovating floors without any mess, as compared to traditional sanding methods. .The process of dustless floor sanding is done by using a sander machine, which is rotating the belt against the floor surface. As this belt rotates, it picks up material from the surface and removes it by grinding it away. The product of grinding can be seen as a fine layer of dust on the floor that is removed by an attached vacuum cleaner. Abrasive particles are sucked into a vacuum bag which then collects them for disposal later in a nearby trash can


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Why should I use dustless floor sanding?

Dustless floor sanding is important because it helps in maintaining the quality of the floor by preventing it from becoming scratched. and dull. This also facilitates in reducing the cleaning time, which is essential in maintaining the cleanliness of the floor. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are easy to use and they can get into smaller spaces, between tiles or up into the corners, to remove dust and dirt.

Sanding is essential for removing scratches on the surface of hardwood floors. There are two types of sanders that can be used to sand down the scratches: orbital and belt. An orbital sander is a powerful machine that will use a circular motion to remove any scratches in the surface. The belt sander, on the other hand, will use a back-and-forth motion that is gentle on the floor

How does dustless floor sanding work?

The process starts with the floor being covered with a thin layer of liquid sandpaper. The liquid paper dries and then can be used to sand the floor, removing all traces of old finishes, dirt, and grime. The liquid paper is then scraped off and vacuumed up, leaving the bare wood or laminate ready for new coats of finish or polyurethane.

What are the benefits of dustless floor sanding?

Dustless floor sanding has been around for a while now, but it is still not very popular among people. There are many benefits of dustless floor sanding that you should know about.

Dustless floor sanding is an environmentally friendly process for restoring the finish on wood floors without creating a mess. This process does not use any harmful chemicals to clean the surface and does not create any dust particles that can damage furniture or other items in the room. Dustless floor sanding also saves time because it does not require multiple coats of sealant to be applied to the surface of the wood.

Who should I hire for a dustless floor sanding project?

A professional floor sanding company like Weles will have the necessary equipment and expertise to do the job well. We will also be able to provide you with a warranty and insurance. To get a free estimate for your Dustless sanding by contacting us or use

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Sanding Hardwood floors will make your floors look smooth and like new once again without the problems of replacing them.

Hardwood floors that have been sanded should not be cleaned with water.

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