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So, you have finally installed the hardwood floor you have been saving to have in your home/office, and the general look is a sight to behold. After some days, you realize that you have to put in some effort to maintain the look and floor. If this is your first hardwood flooring, then the experience can be overwhelming.

The different types of hardwood flooring available in the market demand maintenance techniques, which may require an expert. However, if you adhere to proper maintenance techniques, you enhance the lifespan of your hardwood floor and consequently limit the chances of seeking the services of a professional.

The below article will address the various techniques you can use to maintain your hardwood floor.

Wood floor installation Cambridge – ways of taking care of your hardwood floor

The following tips will help prolong the lifespan of your hardwood floor;

  1. Remove Grit Regularly

The biggest enemy of hardwood floors is grit because it acts like sandpaper when it comes into contact with shoe soles. Too much grit will therefore undermine the quality of the top finish. Reduce dirt accumulation by sweeping the floor every day or using a vacuum cleaner once every week.

The cleaning tool you use and how often you remove grit depends on the number of people getting in and out of the house every day. A vacuum cleaner is ideal because it absorbs the particles on contact, while sweeping will move the grit around. However, a vacuum cleaner might be expensive, and therefore, sweeping daily works best.

  1. Clean Less Frequently

Hardwood (natural or manufactured) expands if it absorbs moisture from the air or spilled liquids. To help prevent warping due to expansion, do not use water to clean the hardwood floor. Additionally, fluctuating humidity as a result of temperature can lead to cracking. The room temperature should be average between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Contemporary hardwood floor finishes are rigid enough, and you only need to wipe away dirt and spills with a damp cloth. Use the floor-specific cleaner recommended by the manufacturer, but if they didn’t use plain water – enough to dampen the washing cloth. After cleaning, buff the cleaned area using a soft, dry cloth. Clean the hardwood floor with water once a month.

  1. Recoat or Repair Spots

After a long duration, your hardwood floor may look dull even after a thorough cleaning. If that is the case, it is time to recoat the floor. Recoating should be done after every 3-5 years. It depends on the overall look of the floor. Do not wait too long to avoid a full refinish, which features more sanding and expenses.

Do a full refinish once every few decades. Ensure you don’t sand past the top finish because it takes off some wood. Typical hardwood floors can only withstand sanding a few times before you are required to install one. You should, therefore, minimize the number of times you refinish the floor.

Final Take

Hardwood floor maintenance should be a straightforward process unless you need professional refinishing. Ensure you sweep off grit every day and regulate the room temperatures to prevent warping. If you need to install a hardwood floor in Cambridge, MA, seek our professional services today and change the look and feel of your home.

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