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Hardwood floor installation in Brighton MA

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When choosing the right hardwood flooring, there are a lot of factors to consider. You may prefer solid hardwood over engineered wood to enhance a natural look. Some additional factors may include exposure to humidity, sunlight, the number of people using the room, and the type of finish. When choosing your hardwood floor finish, consider the overall look and the lifespan of the finish.

When choosing your hardwood floor finish, consider the overall look and the lifespan of the finish. The two most popular finish options are surface and penetrating oil finish. The following article will explain why a natural oil finish is ideal for your floor. Wood Floor Installation Brighton – natural oil finishes will make it shine. 

Wood Floor Installation in Brighton – Benefits of Natural Oil Finishes

First, let’s take a look at the two types of oils used by various professional floor installers;

  • Oxidative oils. They get cured by air and therefore take a lot of time to dry. On-site floor finishers use these oils.
  • UV oils. They get cured by UV lights. Consequently, production is quicker. They are not easily repairable like oxidative oils, and therefore regular maintenance.

The benefits of natural oil finishes include;


Natural oil penetrates deeper into the hardwood compared to traditional wood finishes. Consequently, the wood gets stronger, enhancing protection against threats such as humidity and scratches. A surface finish provides extra durability but you will need to apply several coats in order for it to have the same level of protection as an oil-based product.

Look And Feel

Finishing your floors is a great way to make them stand out and look their best. The options for finishes are endless, but we recommend adding some color or protection first! Natural oil finishes enhance the essence of the hardwood, giving it a nice, natural look that is smooth and warm. You may try different shades and colors, but oil finishes make the wood the primary focus. Feeling raw wood under your feet provides a sense of connection with nature without stepping outside the house.

Environmental Friendly

Natural oils are not volatile and therefore do not overly affect the environment. They are ideal for people who value and conserve nature to help keep things green for future generations.


All hardwood floorings require maintenance regardless of the type of finish you apply. Observe proper maintenance techniques for your oil-finished floor including, sweeping regularly and implementing a no-shoe policy in the house, and limit the chances of re-sanding.

Clean the floor with the floor-specific product recommended by the manufacturer to maintain a lustrous-looking finish. Additionally, use a non-scratching mop when cleaning. Complement the increased protection with the mentioned maintenance tips, and you will repair the floor less often.

Cost of Application

Apart from lower repair costs, initial natural oil application is cheap, compared to other finishes like waterborne that require multiple coats.


The above advantages of natural oil finishes should help make an informed decision when sampling the various types of finishes. Some of the factors you should consider when choosing a finishing style are cost, traffic, maintenance routines, and the lifespan of the finish. Contact us today for the best hardwood floor installation services in Brighton. And get the guarantee of professional work.

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