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Hardwood floor installation in Watertown, MA

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The type of flooring for your home or office is the most basic yet fundamental decision you get to make when undertaking a new installation or renovation. While there are various options for you to try out, like carpet and terrazzo, hardwood is a popular choice for most people. 

Different hardwood floorings available at Weles Floor Services feature various colors and attributes, and you, therefore, have to find the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics. The below article will guide you through how to choose the ideal hardwood floor that meets your needs and preference.

Wood Floor Installation in Watertown – How to Choose Hardwood Floors

Consider the following factors when selecting your preferred hardwood flooring.

Choose Between Solid or Engineered Flooring

Natural hardwood floorings are thick planks of timber, and although they are still widely available, floorings companies also offer engineered flooring. Engineered floorings feature a thin top layer of hardwood attached to other layers. The additional layers prevent floor movement during expansion and contraction.

Both are durable and enhance the general look and feel of your home/office. The type you choose largely depends on your preference and budget. Engineered hardwood is less costly compared to natural hardwood flooring.

Select the Type of Finish

The wide range of finishing products available ensures you get spoilt for choice. There are two major categories of finishes – oil or polyurethane. From the two categories, choose any among the following;

  • Penetrating oil finish, 
  • Oil-like hybrid finish, 
  • Prefinished UV-cured urethane finish 
  • Site-finish polyurethanes.

While oil will penetrate the wood and provide a soft and natural look and feel, it may be vulnerable to stains and damage. On the other hand, polyurethanes create a rigid topcoat on the surface that prevents fast wear and tear.

Additionally, oil furnishes are easy to maintain, but you will have to do it often. Polyurethanes are hard to maintain because you will have to replace the entire board, but you will do it less often.

Sample the Various Wood Types

The various types of hardwood mean you get an extensive collection to choose your preferred style. Oak, for example, is very durable, readily available, and has an aesthetic natural grain. It is a popular choice among consumers. The various hardwood types available include white oak, walnut, ash, maple, cherry, and hickory.

Additionally, various hardwoods feature different grain patterns according to how the logs get cut. Plain-sawn offers traditional wood grain while rift-sawn features linear, consistent grain.

Choose a Suitable Plank Width

Gone are the days when all hardwood flooring featured 2-3 inch strips. Many consumers now use wider planks. However, wider planks are more expensive but enhance the general look and feel of the room. 

The downside of wide planks is that your floor will have fewer seams compared to one with thin strips. Consequently, overall movement due to expansion and contraction may appear exaggerated.

If you are looking for wood floor installation in Watertown, Weles Floor Services is your ideal partner. We offer our services at budget-friendly prices depending on the type of floor you wish to install. If you are still unsure of the flooring type suitable for you, our ever-reliable, local-based professionals will help you make an informed decision.

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